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Sell Cheap Price Umbrellas

Karya Tenda, Distributor & Manufacturer of umbrella selling tents for all industrial needs. Karya Tenda provides various types of umbrellas such as Parasol Umbrellas, Cafe Umbrellas, Pool Umbrellas, Garden Umbrellas, Beach Umbrellas etc. Buy various types of umbrellas at competitive prices right now through to shipping throughout Indonesia for all your needs and get the best service and quality products from us. Get the best deals for all types of umbrellas according to your needs from us who have experienced a dozen years.

Alamat Kantor

Jl. Raya Tongkol No. 37 Jakarta Utara Pasar Ikan Jakarta Utara Jakarta , Indonesia
TEL : 021 6983 7584
FAX : 021 690 2857
HP : 0821 1237 9990 , 0878 7702 6939 , 021 6983 7584
Email : ,

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